About the PO Camp

The Pitcher Only Camp will be different than any other baseball prospect camp currently offered anywhere in the United States.  Here’s what we plan to offer that sets this camp apart from the rest:

  • Details and examples of an effective off season throwing program that is focused on the long-term health of a pitchers arm
  • Insights into the recruiting process from a Division 1 pitching coach
  • Instruction in a proper warm up routine for pitchers
  • Pitchers Fielding Practice with focus on the proper way to field the position
  • Bullpens in front of college pitching coaches
  • Recruiting Video to use over the winter when communicating your interest to college coaches

At the conclusion of the day, participants will walk away with knowledge about strength and functional mobility, how to better structure an off-season throwing program, information on the recruiting process and instruction on how to better field your position.

Pitcher Only Camp participants will also receive a quality recruiting video (with radar readings) that can be shared with college coaches to give you a distinct advantage over other PO’s in the recruiting process.